Free Auction Websites

All Auction Flex customers are eligible to receive a free HiBid website. This website will be under your domain and you can edit the pages at any time. You can think of HiBid auction websites like a lighter easier version of WordPress. Plus they are 100% FREE!

For an example check out

How does it work?

Step 1 - Register your domain with the registrar of your choice (like

Step 2 - Email us your company logo and any other images you want on your site and we will create a template for you based on the colors in your logo. We will then email you a link to your custom template.

Step 3 - Using the link we emailed, you will login to the auctioneer backend and create your custom pages (about us, contact us, etc.).

  • You can edit your pages using the built-in simple editor.
  • You can control various aspects of the menu including the order.
  • You can also control what page is the "home page". The home page can be your current auctions (recommended) or you can set a static home page.

Custom pages

Custom pages about us

Watch this video to see custom pages in action!

Step 4 - Login to your registrar and update your domain nameservers to the DNS server names we provide

Auction Example registrar name server settings

Step 5 - You're done! You are now hosting your site for free with HiBid!

More Examples

We have over 100 auctioneers that utilize free HiBid websites. Here are a few examples:


Yes, your free site will be completely responsive (mobile-friendly) too. This means your site will look beautiful on full computers, smartphones, and tablets.


As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.